Why get a Glass Picture Frame?

One of the most common questions I get asked is: why? Why get a glass picture frame? There are a lot of reasons why. I hope to explain a few in this post.

The first and probably best reason is that they look great. A glass frame is very modern and sleek looking. They are perfect for a dining room area, or any room that has large windows and a lot of light. When the lighting is perfect, glass really shines, accenting the picture inside. It's amazing.

Another reason to get a glass frames is that they are practical. Wood, plastic, and metal picture frames can get dirty... especially with kids in the house. Often times, picture frames look great from far off, but once you get up close, you can see many fingerprints and smudges. Although it is true that these show up on glass picture frames, with a glass frame, you can just wipe it once or twice, and it's spotless! One bad thing about glass, is that it can break fairly easily. Like all things glass, if you drop it, or if it falls, it will shatter. Fortunately, this is a problem easily fixed. When mounting your frames, instead of hanging it on a nail, actually fix it on the wall. There are various ways of doing this, and I will cover them all in a later post. Make sure that the picture frame isn't precariously hanging, and is sturdy on the wall. If you do this, your frames should be fine. Also, don't put glass frame's in your kids room, or if you do, place them high up.

Glass picture frames go great in a variety of rooms. For example, a several pictures/paintings with glass picture frames can go perfectly in a dining room. Especially if you have lots of light, and maybe even a glass table. Another good spot is the living/sitting room. Many people enjoy to have a room that has the sole purpose of relaxing. Glass frames are easy on the eyes, and beautiful to look at.

It IS possible to have glass picture frames in a dark room. If you want to do this, you must make sure and have a light source directly shining into the glass. Light is the most important thing to remember when it comes to glass picture frames. Without a light source, glass picture frames can appear dull and lifeless. However, with a light source, a glass frames are much preferable to wooden ones.

These are just a few reasons why you should get glass frames for your paintings or photos. This first article is merely an introduction. In future articles, I'll explain a lot more about different types of frames. Thanks for reading!


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