Picture Glass

Hey, and welcome back. Today's post will be on picture glass. I'm shifting away from glass picture frames, and instead talking about different frame components. Picture glass is the glass inside the frame of a picture frame (d'oh). Picture glass is usually not found in a glass frame, due to the fact that a glass frame is 100% glass. Yeah, I know, I know, I'm covering some super obvious facts right now. Just wait, okay?

Surprisingly, there are actually quite a few types of picture glass. See, told you you'd be surprised. First of all, there are several glass types. There is plain glass, UV blocking glass, and no-glare. Additionally, you can get UV blocking and no-glare, all in one convenient picture glass. UV blocking? Isn't that for sunglasses? Why yes, yes it is. And that is because it can be damaging to your eyes. Likewise, UV light can damage art inside of picture frames. UV light can make pictures fade with age, and distort colors.

The second type of picture glass is acrylic. This is an artificial glass product. Acrylic picture glass has many advantages. One of the biggest ones is that it's more durable than glass. If you drop a picture frame, acrylic is less likely to shatter. This doesn't mean it won't shatter, it just means that it can stand more pressure. Also, acrylic picture glass is usually cheaper than regular glass. Much like acrylic, plexiglass is an artificial picture glass that can be substituted for regular glass. Both of these types also come with UV blocking and no-glare.

So which type of picture glass is for you? That depends mainly on two factors. Where are you hanging your art? What type of look are you going for? If you are hanging your art in a safe place with little to no sun, glass may be the type for you. If you have the opposite of the above situation, I'd recommend one of the artificial glass. Also, the type of picture glass you choose has a slight effect on the look of your art. Glass looks, well, like glass, and an artificial glass can look plastic-like. This isn't a HUGE deal, but if it makes a difference for you, go with glass.

I'm going to go off-topic a bit and talk about hanging picture frames. Hanging picture frames is a very simple task which should only take a couple seconds. However, a problem presents itself when dealing with the elderly. How can they hang a picture frame when they sometimes can't even walk? Luckily, there are some methods to doing this. First is, hang it lower. Yeah, that's pretty obvious, but it's the easiest fix. If you're unable to hang a picture frame at the height you'd like, you can always resort to mechanical means. A good way to hang a picture frame high up without climbing a ladder is to use electric lift chairs. These can be fairly expensive, but they have many other uses besides picture frame hanging.

That's it for today's post. A fairly basic topic, but one I felt should be covered anyways. Remember, if you're looking to purchase a glass picture frame, you don't need any type of picture glass. The whole frame is glass, so it doesn't matter. Anyways, thanks for reading, and good luck in all your picture framing exploits! :)

Modern Glass Picture Frames

Hey guys, welcome back. Today I'm going to talk a bit about modern glass picture frames. Modern glass picture frames are a bit different then regular glass frames. Most glass frames have decorative edges around them. This can be anything from stained glass to shells embedded in the outer edge of the glass. Modern frames are usually fairly plain. As with most modern trends, modern glass frames tend to look simple, clean, and graceful. This might be the look you're looking for. If it's not, I'd suggest reading about the types of picture frames.

A modern frame can really accent the room you put it in. I'll give you some examples of rooms you can put your modern frames in.

Modern Glass Picture Frames in the Kitchen

Many people like to have a lot of decorations in their kitchens. I think this is somewhat odd, because most visitors never enter the kitchen, but hey, if you want your kitchen to look stylish, who am I to say no? If you'd like to put modern glass frames in your kitchen, I'd recommend putting them by a window, or perhaps above the stove.

Modern Glass Picture Frames in the Living Room

The living room is a great place for modern glass picture frames. Many houses I've visited have modern glass frames located in the living room. They'll usually have them resting on top of bookshelves or cabinets. This looks great, but if you have young children running around the house, I wouldn't recommend this!

Modern Glass Picture Frames in the Bathroom

The bathroom is another great place for glass picture frames. Bathrooms often have decorative "themes." These frames go beautifully with a ocean theme, or modern look.

These are just three examples of rooms modern glass picture frames look great in. I'm sure you'll be able to find other rooms that glass frames look great in, I'll leave it up to you. I hope this article has helped you with some decorating ideas. The key is figuring out whether you want a modern glass frame or a regular glass frame. The choice is up to you! Thanks for reading.

Glass Picture Frames

Okay, so you know about picture frames, you know about the types you can get, now you need to know about each specific category. The first one I'm going to talk about is glass picture frames. These frames are by far the most beautiful. Most glass frames consist of two thin pieces of glass. There is a slit for a painting or photo, and you slide your picture inside the slit. Glass picture frames are really neat, because they're very thin. This creates a modern feel, and looks great.

Photo's or Paintings?

Unlike wooden frames, glass frames can look great with some pictures, but not so great with others. A good example of something that looks good in a glass frame is a black and white photo. The glass really accents the photo, and it looks incredible. However, many paintings don't look good in glass frames.

One thing I've said over and over, is that glass looks modern. Therefore, most paintings and photos that have a modern look go good with glass. You'll still want to use wood frames for more classy art.

One Shape

One draw back to glass picture frames, is that they are mainly only done in a square/rectangular shape. Now I know most frames are in that shape, but oval and circular shapes don't look as good in glass. Also, you don't want to use glass frames for a large photo or painting. They are perfect for medium to small sized photo/paintings, but anything other than that doesn't look good.

As you can see, glass frames have bonuses and drawbacks. When considering the right frame for you, you really need to decide what you want. In my types of picture frames post, I talk about other types of frames. If you aren't interested in a glass frame, I would check that post out.


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That's it for this post. I hope to have more in-depth articles about all the different types of frames soon. Thanks for reading!