Glass Picture Frames

Okay, so you know about picture frames, you know about the types you can get, now you need to know about each specific category. The first one I'm going to talk about is glass picture frames. These frames are by far the most beautiful. Most glass frames consist of two thin pieces of glass. There is a slit for a painting or photo, and you slide your picture inside the slit. Glass picture frames are really neat, because they're very thin. This creates a modern feel, and looks great.

Photo's or Paintings?

Unlike wooden frames, glass frames can look great with some pictures, but not so great with others. A good example of something that looks good in a glass frame is a black and white photo. The glass really accents the photo, and it looks incredible. However, many paintings don't look good in glass frames.

One thing I've said over and over, is that glass looks modern. Therefore, most paintings and photos that have a modern look go good with glass. You'll still want to use wood frames for more classy art.

One Shape

One draw back to glass picture frames, is that they are mainly only done in a square/rectangular shape. Now I know most frames are in that shape, but oval and circular shapes don't look as good in glass. Also, you don't want to use glass frames for a large photo or painting. They are perfect for medium to small sized photo/paintings, but anything other than that doesn't look good.

As you can see, glass frames have bonuses and drawbacks. When considering the right frame for you, you really need to decide what you want. In my types of picture frames post, I talk about other types of frames. If you aren't interested in a glass frame, I would check that post out.


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That's it for this post. I hope to have more in-depth articles about all the different types of frames soon. Thanks for reading!


  1. Glass picture frames are made of two thin pieces of glass. If it is made of glass does it mean that it can easily break down once it falls on the floor?

    Do you also have any images of your available picture frames?! I only want to know if I already saw one or not.

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  2. Yes, like anything made of glass, glass picture frames break extremely easy when they fall.

    I don't have any images on here, but if you google search "Glass Picture Frames" and go to images, you'll see some pictures. Thanks for the comment.

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